Safety Shoes Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

There are several occupational hazards that can be dangerous to employees. A variety of workplace hazards, especially in the manufacturing or construction sectors, necessitate the use of the Safety shoe. Security shoes with the right Sole protect workers from occupational hazards such as heavy tools falling on their feet, electric cables, and wet floors.

We should also be aware that, "prevention is better than cure," prevention starts with the use of the appropriate methods and products. Then and only then we will be protected. Safety shoes are one of those items that protects the feet from damage and danger.

Hari Om Trader is one of the prominent Safety Shoes Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, which use microfiber rather than leather to manufacture the safety shoe. Also we are one of the leading safety shoes supplier in Ahmedabad. These safety shoes boast high standards of comfort & style.

Providing you the best range of Strides Proton Leather Safety Shoes, Zain Double Density Safety Shoes, Strides Vectra Safety Shoes, Bata Bora Derby Low Ankle Male Safety Shoes, Liberty 7198-01 Warrior Steel Toe Black Safety Shoes and Black Bun Safety Shoes with effective & timely delivery.

Importance of Wearing Safety Shoes

There are a few sorts of workspaces either production lines, home, or experience sports and exercises where foot protection from heavy or sharp objects is needed.

Foot injuries may be crippling, requiring time off work or making it difficult to perform tasks. Wearing safety shoes or boots can help prevent many foot injuries in the following ways.

  • Protect from Falling & Flying Objects
  • Protect from Punctures
  • Safety from Cutting Hazards
  • Protection from Electrical Hazards
  • Prevent Slips, Trips & Falls
  • Prevent Fatigue
  • Protection from Burns
  • Protect from Extreme Weather

Different Types of Select Safety Shoes

We at Hari Om Traders on of the leading safety shoes supplier in Ahmedabad provide different types of top-rated safety shoes as per the job or the purpose requirements. Following are some type of safety shoes we provide.

Metatarsal Safety Shoes

Drop danger shoes are designed to protect the upper part of the toe and are used in areas where dropping objects are a concern. They provide both internal and external foot protection. These boots are made for heavy machinery and building work.

Electric Hazard Safety Shoes

For employees employed in high-voltage areas, the sole is built to provide high resistance to electric shock. Highly recommended for areas involving power, circuits, and wiring, among other items.

Safety Toed Safety Shoes

The most popular safety shoes feature a special toe area covering. To keep your toes, secure, this area has a special capping. Staff in factories, mines, and other areas where heavy industrial goods are handled should wear this.

Steel Insole Safety Shoes

Steel insole shoes are recommended for work that includes riding motorcycles, driving heavy vehicles, and so on. Inside the shoe lining, there are steel inserts. Shoes offer excellent support and help to control foot movement and shifting, reducing the risk of bone and joint problems.

Metal Instep Safety Shoe

It protects you from sharp and metal artefacts. Applicable in workplaces or industrial units dealing with equipment, glass, and other related products. These safety shoes will protect you from injuries caused by glass and metal fragments.


These are recommended for use in dirty or wet environments, as well as to avoid employee acid showers. Protection from knee to toe is provided by the high length of the foot, which ranges from 13 to 15 inches. Fisheries, cleaning jobs, and fire boots are all examples of applications.

Brands We Follow:-


  • Zain Double Density



  • Hillson Gumboot Size 6 To 11

  • Construction Safety Shoes

  • Liberty 7198-01 Warrior Steel Toe Black Safety Shoes

  • Black Bata Bora Derby Low Ankle Male Safety Shoes




Agarson Bahubali Ylw


Tiger Lorex-1






Everest Sporty-602




Rockland Sporty






Everest Sporty-601




Agarson Supreme-BLK


Agarson Baleno


Allen Copper-1156




Agarson Beetle

Safety Shoes from Hari Om Traders

Hari Om Trader safety shoes are subjected to cutting-edge technology and a rigorous process in order to produce a flawless final product. The creators are well-versed in a variety of tools and techniques that enable them to create the best product possible. Furthermore, the equipment used in the production of Alpha Grip safety shoes has always been the strongest, as has the manufacturing team.

We are one of the leading safety shoes manufacturer, supplier in Ahmedabad, and exporters for industrial products, road safety, safety gloves , safety helmets, safety full body, and disposal products in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Hari Om Traders began operations in the year 2000. We also updated its technology on a regular basis to ensure that it meets international quality requirements.

We understand the value of safety in a dangerous manufacturing environment because we have over 20 years of experience in the safety shoe industry. With our high-quality protection solutions, we've helped a lot of businesses equip their workers. If you are a business looking for safety options for your employees, don't hesitate to contact us; we will provide you with comprehensive solutions to protect your employees. To meet the needs of our customers, we have a well-established and flourishing distribution network across India and the world.

For more information about the Safety Shoes variants, give us a call at +91 9714107090. OR You may also Contact Us for further details.